Kim reveals bold new look & flaunts her curves in low-rise leather pants

KIM Kardashian has been spotted in Beverly Hills while sporting a new style and a 𝑠e𝑥y outfit.

Kim, 43, was seen getting out of her large and boxy Tesla Cybertruck on Friday night.

5Kim Kardashian was seen in Beverly Hills for a night outCredit: Splash5She was wearing a pair of low-rise leather pants that showed off her figureCredit: Splash


She was wearing a tiny white cropped tank top that showed off her tight stomach and small waist.

She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were visible under the thin white fabric of her shirt.

The Kardashian was also wearing a pair of long black leather pants with a neon green strip down the sides.

The stripe elongated her legs while the low-rise pants flaunted her hips.

She also wore a large bandage on two of her fingers, but the reason for the bandage is unknown.

Finally, Kim revealed a brand new hairstyle featuring platinum blonde – practically white – hair.

Her roots were colored a dark brown, close to her natural color.


Fans of The Kardashians on Reddit called Kim out for her hair, but also for her long pants.

“That is a wig if I ever saw one,” said a fan.

Another wrote: “She loves a ratty blonde wig.”

“Hair as fake as the rest of her. Face… A**. And pErSoNaLiTy,” added a third.

A critic commented: “Her pants are always dragging on the dirty ground. What is this behavior??”

“I’m so confused how she always gets her pants tailored for her a** but can’t be bothered to get them tailored for her height,” said a fifth.


On Tuesday, Kim shared a picture of her new vehicle, her Tesla Cybertruck, on her Instagram Story.

The pic showed the rear end and right side of the vehicle while covered in raindrops.

Her car was covered in hard angles and sharp lines, and it was a dark silver color.

According to the Tesla website, the car isn’t actually painted, but it’s made of a stainless steel exoskeleton.

The $60,000 truck features a bed in the back, a front trunk, and more room in a gear locker.

The Hulu star’s car appears to be perfect for exploring and traveling as it can hold five adults and two up to 11,000 pounds.

In the photo Kim posted, she was stopped in a parking space, but she did not park between the lines.

5Kim debuted a new platinum blonde hairstyle which fans believe was a wigCredit: Splash5Kim was wearing a thin white shirt that showed off her nipplesCredit: Splash5Kim was driving her new large Tesla CybertruckCredit: Splash

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