Kim Kardashian’s Tearful Plea as Kourtney Imposes Permanent Exclusion


Kim Kardashian had an emotional breakdown after her sister Kourtney Kardashian blacklisted her, resulting in a permanent rift between the two. The reality TV star was seen in tears as she expressed her desperation over the situation. The article suggests that this incident has caused irreparable damage to their relationship.

The details of the conflict between the sisters are not mentioned in the article, but it is evident that something has happened to cause Kourtney to blacklist Kim. The term “blacklist” implies that Kourtney has cut off all communication and contact with her sister, possibly due to a serious disagreement or falling out.



Kim’s emotional breakdown demonstrates the extent of the impact this blacklisting has had on her. Crying and expressing her desperation, she is clearly feeling hurt and devastated by her sister’s actions. The article emphasizes the severity of the situation by using words like “desperate” and “forever” in the title, indicating that this may be a permanent estrangement between the two sisters.

The article does not provide any insight into the reasons behind Kourtney’s decision to blacklist Kim, leaving readers to speculate on the cause of the conflict. However, it is clear that this situation has caused immense emotional distress for Kim.




In conclusion, this article highlights the emotional breakdown of Kim Kardashian after her sister Kourtney blacklisted her, resulting in a permanent rift between the two. The article does not reveal the cause of the conflict, but it emphasizes the seriousness of the situation and the impact it has had on Kim’s emotions.

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