Kim Kardashian’s Meltdown: the Explosive Clash with Kanye and Bianca Over Skims Collection


Kim Kardashian has recently faced criticism from both her former friend-turned-rival, Bianca, and her husband, Kanye West, regarding her popular clothing line, Skims. This has led to a furious response from the reality TV star.

Bianca, who was once friends with Kardashian, accused her of copying her designs and lacking originality. She even went as far as posting side-by-side comparisons of their respective clothing lines to support her claims. This has sparked a heated feud between the two, with Kardashian denying the allegations and stating that she has never heard of Bianca until now.

Adding to the controversy, Kanye West publicly expressed his disappointment with Kardashian’s clothing line during a recent interview. He claimed that Skims was not on the same level of creativity as his Yeezy brand, and suggested that Kardashian should seek inspiration elsewhere. West’s comments stirred up further tension in their already strained relationship.



In response, Kardashian took to social media to defend herself and her brand. She expressed her frustration at the constant criticism she faces, stating that she works tirelessly on her outfits and puts a lot of effort into her clothing line. She defended Skims, claiming it is well-received by her customers, and that she has put her heart and soul into the brand.


Kim Kardashian’s outburst showcases her inner turmoil over the recent challenges to her Skims line from both Bianca and Kanye West. Despite the criticism, she remains determined to defend her brand and prove her doubters wrong.

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