Immersing in the Luxurious Lifestyle of Ronaldo: A Royal Experience in the Arab Emirates

With the arrival of one of the world’s most renowned footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo, at Al Nassr, excitement is reaching new heights in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is pulsating with a fervent belief that it can conquer any goal it sets its sights on, in the realm of soccer. Ronaldo’s presence is not just a signing; it’s a symbol of limitless possibilities and a catalyst for unprecedented success.

On December 31 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Saudi club Al-Nassr on a free transfer, securing the highest-ever salary for a professional footballer.

His two-and-a-half-year contract, lasting until June 2025, is valued at around €200 million (USD 213 million) a year, translating to approximately £3.4 million (USD 4,148,765) per week once all commercial agreements are completed.


Needless to say, the GOAT’s addition has shifted the global spotlight on Saudi football and things are only set to intensify, attracting talent, fans, and sponsors alike. The historic move marks a significant step in the evolution of Middle Eastern football, with Saudi Arabia poised to become a powerhouse in the global football arena.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Life in Saudi Arabia

In a plot twist that could rival the most dramatic match, the global football icon didn’t just change teams; he changed continents along with his long term partner Georgina Rodriguez and their five kids. The Ronaldo family bid adieu to Manchester United and embraced the sands of the Middle East.

Where Ronaldo lives in Saudi Arabia

While looking for a permanent residence in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo is staying in a luxurious Four Seasons hotel located in the 267-meter-high Kingdom Center.

It is known that the Portuguese superstar currently occupies a total of 17 suites in the building. Therefore, the former Manchester United star spends 250,000 pounds/month. That number is completely insignificant compared to Ronaldo’s salary of 173 million pounds/year.

Ronaldo’s Saudi home is the Kingdom Suite in the Four Seasons hotel.

It is decorated in a beautiful, modern style.

Ronaldo’s family lives in the Kingdom Suite apartment – a two-story space including a living room, private office, dining room and media room.

Luxurious living room space is located in a giant building.

Private office area for Ronaldo.

The 38-year-old striker is truly enjoying the princely life in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo and Rodrigue can use the most expensive services in the new environment.

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