Had to Double It: Stephen Curry’s Heartwarming Interaction With His ‘Twins’ Is Captivating the Internet



Stephen Curry has been enjoying a turbulent offseason. Whether it is preparing for his golf match or navigating the front-office upheaval in the Bay, the star has enjoyed an eventful few weeks. This time, last year, Curry was on top of the world. Winning his 4th championship in 7 years, the Warriors dynasty began anew. However, in one season, the entire script has flipped. The chemistry has gone awry, the trio might lose one of its wheels, and the GM has resigned. But, if you ask Steph, as long as he is there, the championship window is open. While turmoil plagues the team and its front office, Curry’s trademark celebration has gone viral.

Amidst the uncertainty, who is Steph Curry celebrating with? And what did the fans have to say about it?

Stephen Curry and his daughter, Riley, have the fans’ attention

Steph’s bond with his family is well-documented. Whether it be his pops, Dell Curry, mom, Sonya, or his wife, Ayesha, Curry is a family man. But the essence of his bond could not be more prevalent than with his children.

Whether it be incorporating them into his pre-game warmup, his sizzling chemistry on Family Feud, or trademark handshakes, their bond is inseparable. The bond was visible, all the way back in 2015. During the Conference Finals, Curry was among the first to bring their children to the press conference podium. The move earned him severe backlash from sports pundits, like Nick Wright. Back then, 3-year-old Riley was just a cute figure sitting on her dad’s lap.

Now, she, along with younger sister Ryan, is evolving into an active cheerleader during Steph’s games. Any time in attendance, Steph has made it a habit to share a handshake with the two. The Warriors’ social media handle posted the handshake and fans went gaga over the adorable bond between the two.

While the scenes in the Warriors camp may be uneasy, Curry has his family, and his children to fall back on. Looking at the reactions on the post, it’s safe to say that fans loved watching Steph with his daughters.

Fans praise the Curry clan
One fan went gaga over Riley’s cuteness, citing it as the reason alone for Steph to have another one. “Had to double it!” as he captioned it. Another fan was quick to point out Cannon, his son, doing the iconic celebration from last year’s championship run. “Canon with the Night night.” One user pointed out the fact that they all look so familiar. “Twins,” wrote a fan with multiple heart emojis.

Fans were quick to remember Riley’s memorable interview appearance. “She has gotten so big! Where did the days of interview bombing go? ” Another fan echoed the same sentiments of Riley seemingly overnight growing up. “Aw Riley’s so grown now.” Fans were, of course, going gaga over the relationship the trio share with their father. “I love the way he bonds with each of them so special!!!! “

While the season and the off-season might take a toll on our star athletes, it is heartwarming to see the connection between them and their loved ones.

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