Gilbert Arenas Suggests LeBron James Was ‘A Rental’ for Greatness, Asserts ‘Laker Resume Doesn’t Have a Statue’

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently sparked controversy by suggesting that LeBron James is merely a “rental” for the Los Angeles Lakers, rather than a true icon of the franchise’s greatness.


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Gilbert Arenas: LeBron James Not a True Lakers Icon; 'A Rental' for  Greatness : r/nba

During a segment on the Nightcap show, Arenas argued that James’ legacy with the Lakers will never reach the same level as players like Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson, who spent their entire careers with the team.

“LeBron was a rental for the Lakers’ greatness, and that’s just something he’s gonna have to accept,” said Arenas. “His [scoring] milestones came in this uniform… but the legacy wasn’t built here.”

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While acknowledging James’ significant scoring achievements in a Lakers jersey, Arenas suggested that his overall connection to the team lacks the deep-rooted legacy seen with players like Magic and Kobe.

“LeBron’s Laker resume doesn’t have a statue here,” he continued. “LeBron James, the name—yeah, he has a statue.”

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Arenas argued that James’ time in Los Angeles doesn’t hold the same iconic status as his previous stints in Cleveland and Miami. Despite winning an NBA championship with the Lakers and setting scoring records, Arenas questioned whether James would be remembered as fondly in Lakers lore, given his multiple stops in different cities throughout his career.

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However, critics of Arenas’ comments point out that James’ impact on the Lakers, including leading the team to an NBA title and setting scoring records, cannot be denied. Regardless of his origins, James’ contributions to the Lakers franchise have left an indelible mark on its history.

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