Fans Are Praising LeBron James’ Son Bryce After He Flat-Out Refused An Uncomfortable Request From Fan While Shopping At Target (VIDEO + TWEETS)

LeBron James’ second-oldest kid, Bryce James, showed remarkable discipline by turning down a certain request from a fan who cameover to him to ask for a photo.

James, who became the highest scorer in NBA history last season, is the cleanest athlete we’ve seen to date given that he has been playing professional basketball since 2003 and has never once gotten into trouble or even had a scandal.

It’s no surprise that he’s trying to raise his children the right way and that was evident after Bryce was approached for a photo and then asked to throw up some gang signs. The youngster had no issues posing for snaps but curtly refused when asked to perform said gestures.

You could check it out below:

Bryce James Shuts Down Fan Asking To Throw Up Gang Signs For Picture: 'We Ain't Doing None Of That' - Blavity
Admirable, right?

Bryce was smart enough to know that something as simple as holding his hands up a certain way could bring some heat on his family and simply didn’t want to endorse such a thing given that it could end up putting him in harm’s way too.

There may also be a potential basketball career to protect as the high schooler is already drawing lots of hype as footage of his play on the court are as impressive as his older brother Bronny’s, with some arguing that he could even be better.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Bryce James’ refusal:

I can feel bryce irritation through the screen ??

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