As Rihanna Marks Her 36th Birthday, Here Are the Major Controversies She Faced Over the Years

As Rihanna Marks Her 36th Birthday, Here Are the Major Controversies She Faced Over the Years

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Here Are Some Major Controversies in Rihanna’s Career

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Rihanna’s journey through the spotlight spans more than a decade, marked by a transformation from an innocent pop sensation to an authentic and outspoken icon. Along the way, she’s encountered her fair share of wild moments and startling scenes, often broadcasted for the world to witness on social media. Despite her consistent chart-topping success, the Barbados-born star’s Instagram handle hints at a turbulent path, along with controversies that have stirred the entertainment industry. Here, we delve into some of these noteworthy controversies from her remarkable career.

1. She Was Banned From Instagram for Posting Nude Photos

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Love her or hate her, Rihanna is undeniably renowned for her boldness and body positivity. However, her boundary-pushing nature once led to her being temporarily banned from Instagram. According to Tell Tales Online, she crossed the line by sharing a nude photo of herself seated in front of a fireplace. The picture-sharing platform promptly removed her account upon discovering the topless images. However, Rihanna’s account was reinstated after she pledged to remove the offending pictures. Upon regaining access, she humorously posted an illustration of herself holding hands with the Instagram logo, captioned “RIHunited.”

2. Rihanna Had a Run-in With Ciara and Got Into a Bitter Spat

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The feud between these two stars ignited in 2011 when Ciara reportedly told Joan Rivers that Rihanna “wasn’t the nicest” following an encounter at a party, as per Mirror. This led to a Twitter war between the two singers, with both trading barbs before seemingly reconciling. Despite the heated exchange, Rihanna swiftly extended her hand, offering an apology on Twitter. Ciara accepted the apology graciously, suggesting they meet in person to clear the air. In a gesture of goodwill, the Work singer even sang Ciara’s hit song Goodies during a karaoke session, signaling that any animosity had been put to rest.

3. In 2013, She Was Kicked Out of a Mosque in Abu Dhabi for Indecency

Image Source: Getty Images | Stephane CardinaleImage Source: Getty Images | Stephane Cardinale

During a visit to an Abu Dhabi mosque, Rihanna stirred controversy by sharing images of herself wearing a jumpsuit and a hijab. Following her Instagram post, authorities at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque requested her to leave the premises. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre said, “The singer entered on a private visit without introducing herself and without prior coordination with the administration.” Before even entering the mosque, Rihanna was asked to leave due to her poses, which were deemed inappropriate for the sacred nature of the complex. Despite facing criticism, Rihanna did not offer an apology for her actions at the mosque, as reported by Your Tango.

4. She Also Landed Herself in Trouble With the Muslim Community

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Ethan MillerImage Source: Getty Images | Photo By Ethan Miller

Rihanna faced criticism online for featuring the song Doom by artist Coucou Chloe, which contains a Hadith, a sacred text in Islam believed to be the words of the Prophet Muhammad, as reported by BBC. Following the backlash, she issued a public apology on social media and had the song removed from all streaming platforms. Describing her actions as an “honest yet careless mistake,” she expressed gratitude to those who brought the oversight to her attention, acknowledging the unintentional offense caused. Rihanna added in her Instagram Story, “I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our project was completely irresponsible.”

5. Her Fashion Show Caused Trouble for the Singer Again in 2022

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo By Tim P. WhitbyImage Source: Getty Images | Photo By Tim P. Whitby

Rihanna faced backlash in 2022 for her Savage x Fenty fashion show, where she cast Johnny Depp as the first male to appear in her renowned lingerie presentation. Depp’s cameo came after his highly publicized defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, leading to heavy criticism of Rihanna for featuring him in the show. This controversy was particularly heightened due to Rihanna’s history with domestic violence, having been assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009. While many condemned Rihanna’s choice to include Depp, not everyone was upset with the singer’s decision, according to Radar Online.

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