50 Cent Calls Out Diddy’s Sick Plan To Murder 2Pac..


In a recent turn of events, rapper 50 Cent has accused fellow rapper Diddy of being involved in a plot to murder the legendary artist Tupac Shakur. 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, took to social media to make this shocking claim. He posted a screenshot of an old interview where Diddy allegedly admitted that he had something to do with the murder of Tupac. This accusation has sparked a major controversy in the hip-hop community.

The feud between 50 Cent and Diddy is not new, as they have had public disagreements in the past. However, this accusation takes the animosity between them to a whole new level. 50 Cent has always been vocal about his disdain for Diddy, but this claim of being involved in a murder conspiracy is the most serious allegation yet.



The murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996 has remained unsolved, and his death has been a topic of conspiracy theories for decades. Many believe that his murder was a result of the East Coast-West Coast rap rivalry that was prevalent at the time. While there have been multiple theories and suspects in the case, no one has been convicted for Tupac’s murder.

It remains to be seen how Diddy will respond to these accusations, and whether there will be any legal ramifications. However, this bold claim from 50 Cent has certainly caused a stir in the music industry and among fans. The question of what really happened to Tupac Shakur continues to haunt the world of hip-hop, and this accusation adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing mystery.

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