Kourtney Kardashiaп Confronts Tristan Thompson On CHEATING And Says He ‘Doesn’t Deserve’ Khloe”

Kourtney Kardashian Confronts Tristan Thompson On Cheating And Says He ‘Doesn’t Deserve’ Khloe”

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian confronted Tristan Thompson, addressing his history of infidelity and the pain it has caused her sister  Khloé Kardashian.


This saddening conversation unraveled as Kourtney sought answers from the NBA player, delving into the reasons behind his repeated betrayals. During the episode, Kourtney revealed, “When we were in Palm Springs for Easter, Tristan kept referencing his life and his future with Khloé, and he texted me the second he left my house, asking to talk and I was trying to eat my Cheetos in peace and didn’t want to go talk to him, So Tristan and I really have not connected and I just can’t fake it so…” The discussion provided an opportunity for Thompson to open up about his troubled childhood and the emotional turmoil that led him to cheat.

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As per People, the NBA player acknowledged his mistakes but suggested that communication could have been a key factor in avoiding the pain he caused Khloé. Kourtney, however, said, “I’m really not here to judge, I don’t have any anger, it’s just more like I want an understanding of how you could do these things or how it got there. I’m curious if [you are] ever like, ‘I don’t have remorse’ … the next day after you do the deed, do you feel anything?” He quickly answered, that he felt “disgusted the next day,” which prompted Kourtney to ask, “So why do you do it again?” Thompson asserted, “I was cheating just for an action, just cheating for a feeling, It really came down to not really knowing how to love because that’s the way I grew up. With therapy, I realized that my childhood upbringing, what I saw from my dad, and how he treated my mom. As a kid, when you see that, the trauma you have is because you can’t protect your mom cause you’re so young, cause your mom says it’s gonna be OK. You basically numb your emotions of being scared or feeling sad. It’s my defense mechanism.”


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As per The Sun, the candid confrontation on The Kardashians provided viewers with a closer look at the emotional toll Thompson’s actions have taken on the Kardashian family. The episode also hinted at another confrontation between Tristan and Kylie Jenner, “I think a lot of it was selfish and not understanding the value of good people,” Tristan told Kylie. In a confessional, he exclaimed, “Kylie’s been there for my family through the worst of times, and her life got altered because of my actions, so I wanted to be accountable and say my apology to her and Jordyn, so hopefully she’ll relay that message to Jordyn. I want to gain back the respect of my family, so that’s what I’m trying to do, one day at a time, I’m not in a position to ask for anything, I think the only thing I can continue to do is prove myself and be who I am and then I think over time… try to gain everyone’s trust back.”


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The emotional rollercoaster showcased in the episode emphasizes that the Kardashian family, despite their fame, grapples with relatable challenges, making their journey a compelling narrative for viewers. The emotional rawness of the confrontation between Kourtney and Thompson adds depth to the reality series, showcasing the human side of these well-known personalities.

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