Yoυr Career or Me? – Taylor Swift highlights reasoпs why she STRONGLY choose her braпd over Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift needs to protect her brand even while her red-hot romance with Travis Kelce appears to be on a picture-perfect trajectory.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
The 34-year-old pop singer – who recently held hands with the NFL star, 34, during a zoo date in Sydney – has to make sure the relationship stays on a positive track following Travis’ recent ‘missteps’, an expert exclusively told DailyMail.com.

‘Taylor has an enormous reservoir of goodwill, and indeed, adoration, that can well withstand behavioral and reputational missteps by her boyfriend,’ said brand strategist and messaging advisor, Adam Hanft, appearing to reference Travis’ meltdown at the Super Bowl and his decision to party after a mass shooting at the Kansas City parade.

‘What will matter is the extent to which he stays on the straight and narrow – and doesn’t embarrass himself or her – and related to that, how she deals with it should be become a persistent problem,’ he added.

Travis’ antics not only have the potential to tarnish the Reputation singer’s $1.1 billion net worth but could also adversely affect his own brand – and even that of the NFL.

‘If Travis is plagued by impulse control issues, and demonstrates a psychological resistance to take a back-seat to her celebrity – which is programmatic given that football heroes are typically in contention for the Nobel Prize for Testosterone – and she ends up dumping him, his personal brand will be battered,’ Hanft maintained.

‘Should the relationship end up that way, the brand of the NFL will also be bloodied, as it will reinforce the perception of football players pumped up on all the wrong things,’ he added.

The warning comes amid Travis taking waves of criticism for nearly coming to blows with his coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

After the Kansas City Chiefs offense struggled in the first half, Travis reacted angrily to Reid removing him from a play.

He pushed Reid, causing the 65-year-old to lose his balance. At one point, the player even grabbed Reid’s left arm, seemingly to support him, while he was yelling in his face. Eventually, a teammate intervened and pulled Kelce away.

While fans were quick to criticize the aggressive move, a more composed Travis made sure to underline the influence Reid has had on his career after the game.

‘I got the greatest coach this game has ever seen,’ Kelce said to reporters. ‘And I owe my entire career to that guy and being able to control how emotional I get and I just love him, man.’

A few days later, Travis’ spectacularly insensitive decision to party hard after a mass shooting at his Super Bowl parade drew even more anger from the public.

Mere hours after 22 fans were shot — nine children among them, a young mother dead — Travis hit up ‘Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar’ and took selfies with cops while carrying an open beer bottle on the street, having earlier taken to the parade stage looking far too drunk to speak.

Outraged fans on social media used the terms ‘Caveman’ and ‘douchebag’ to describe the situation.

In the aftermath, Kelce matched Taylor’s $100,000 donation to victims of the shooting.

A GoFundMe page shows a pair of $50,000 donations from his charity, the Eighty-Seven & Running Foundation – an organization that aims to help ‘underserved youth strive to become productive citizens.’

Despite Travis’ public displays of repentance, Taylor, as brand expert Hanft claimed, needs to be careful about her future with the athlete to protect her brand, which Bloomberg puts at $1.1 billion, thanks in part to her massive 146-date worldwide Eras Tour and its subsequent tour movie.

It comes after Forbes estimated Swift had a net worth upwards of $740 million in July.

Swift stands out as one of the rare individuals who achieved billionaire status predominantly through her music and performances, according to Bloomberg.

Citing publicly disclosed and traceable assets and earnings, her wealth is mainly derived from an extensive discography, ownership of five homes, and income generated through streaming deals, music sales, concert tickets, and merchandise.

Taylor has already protected her brand through a slew of celebrity romances such as Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Calvin Harris

Her brief involvement with English actor Tom Hiddleston followed her separation from Harris, eventually leading to a six-year partnership with Joe Alwyn in 2017.

When her romance with Travis first broke last year, the football player said that he knew he had to be on his best behavior.

‘That was the biggest thing to me,’ he told WSJ. ‘Make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away.’

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