Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfrieпd Was Asked If She’d Ever Date “Aпother Athlete,” Aпd Here’s What She Had To Say


“I don’t really need to go to any more sporting events because I have a jersey on with someone’s name on the back. I did that, it was fun, I’m good,” Kayla Nicole said.

If you didn’t know, Travis and Kayla dated on and off between 2017 and 2022. During this time, and even after they split for good, Kayla shared a super-close friendship with Brittany Mahomes — aka the wife of NFL star and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

As you’re likely aware, Travis, who also plays for the Chiefs, is currently in a very high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift. The pair were first linked in July 2023, and by the time Taylor attended one of his football games in September, they were a full-fledged couple.

Kayla ended up clarifying that while “the love” was still there between her and Brittany, she unfollowed her in order to “protect” herself. She told People magazine, “That’s a lot of history and friendship there, that doesn’t change overnight,” Kayla said. “But publicly, because things are happening so quickly and so publicly, I have to protect myself. That’s really all that is.”

“I still love my KC people and my KC community so much,” she said, referring to Kansas City. “But for me in my life, I have to move forward and everyone has to respect that. And hopefully when they respect that, that means that they’re no longer inserting me into things that do not involve me.

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