Travis Kelce iпsists Taylor Swift is ‘All iп’ aпd ‘Part of Chiefs Kiпgdom’ ahead of пext seasoп. Get everyoпe excited!

The NFL star said he’s “trying to figure this thing out on the run,” as he navigates his relationship with the 14-time Grammy winner



Travis Kelce Says Taylor Swift Is 'All in' and 'Part of Chiefs Kingdom' Ahead of next season

Taylor Swift is officially a part of Chiefs Kingdom.

The “Anti-Hero” singer’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, raved about Swift’s support for the Kansas City Chiefs while speaking to SiriusXM NFL Radio during Super Bowl’s opening night in Las Vegas on Monday.
“She’s all in,” the NFL star said of Swift. “She’s part of Chiefs Kingdom 100%.”

Kelce elaborated on a previous question about what it’s like managing the extra media attention that comes from dating the 14-time Grammy winner.

“You asked me how it is,” Kelce began. “And to be honest, I’m learning throughout this all.”

The two-time Super Bowl winner (Kelce won with the Chiefs in 2020 and 2023), added, “I’m just kind of on the plane ride, just cruising and trying to figure this thing out on the run,” as he navigates his surging fame while dating Swift.



In another interview on Monday night, Kelce was asked what it’s like dating Swift. “Man, I’ll tell you what. It’s a wild experience, but I’m enjoying and loving every bit of it,” said Kelce.

Kelce was the recipient of multiple Swift-related inquiries on Monday when roughly 6,000 media members from 26 countries traveled to Las Vegas for the media availability, and the Chiefs star didn’t shy away from boasting about his girlfriend.

“She’s unbelievable. She’s re-writing the history books herself,” Kelce said about Swift’s historic fourth Album of the Year win during Sunday’s Grammy Awards. “I told her I’ll have to hold up my end of the bargain and come home with hardware, too,” he added, referring to a potential third Super Bowl win.

Kelce shared that the allure of the week has not diminished, even if the Chiefs have been to the Super Bowl four out of the last six years.

“It’s exciting. It’s all exciting stuff,” Kelce said, per CBS. “It builds and sets the tone for the whole week. It’s the biggest stage in the world. Monday night is going to be where it starts for everybody.”

He continued, “At this point, I just love it, it’s an exciting time. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing that I’ve been able to enjoy a few times.”

And although Swift performs her 3.5 hours-long Eras Tour in Tokyo the day before the Super Bowl, the “Lover” singer will have time to travel to Las Vegas for her 13th game of the NFL season on Feb. 11.

On Thursday, a statement issued by the Embassy Of Japan assured Swifties and NFL fans that the “Mastermind” singer could “comfortably” make the trek — and incorporated Swift’s album titles Speak Now, Fearless and Red to make their point.

“Despite the 12-hour flight and 17-hour time difference, the Embassy can confidently Speak Now to say that if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins,” the embassy wrote.

“We know that many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so we wanted to confirm that anyone concerned can be Fearless in knowing that this talented performer can wow Japanese audiences and still make it to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs when they take the field for the Super Bowl wearing Red,” the statement concluded.

Swift’s appearance would come on the heels of her presence at the game that secured the Chiefs a consecutive AFC championship title.

The singer joined Kelce on the field for the first time after the game, celebrating his win with a kiss on the field, surrounded by friends and family.

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