LeBron Jаmes on the Hunt for 4 Legendаry Mіlestones to Further Eѕtabliѕh Hіs GOAT Stаtus.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has seemingly broken every scoring record that exists, both in the regular season and the postseason.

James broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record last year, which was deemed unbreakable, and he recently crossed the 40,000-point mark. Which was also not expected for any player to do.

This speaks to the longevity of James, who has always prided himself on being in elite shape. His conditioning has also been unprecedented, as he’s still playing at an All-NBA level in his 21st season.

Again, this is unheard of.

Since LeBron is clearly ways away from declining, it’s worth looking at which records he could break next. Let’s take a look at the next records ‘Bron could break in the near future.

4 records LeBron James is on the cusp of breaking:

1. Field goals made

James currently sits at 14,687 field goals made in his career, which is good for second place. The aforementioned Abdul-Jabbar ranks first, with 15, 837, which is just 1,150 more than James. Assuming James plays at least 60 games from here on out, he would surely break this record by the 2025-26 season. Which would also be assuming he continues to play that long.

2. Regular season games played

James could also break the NBA record for the most games played, as he currently ranks sixth, with 1,477 games. Robert Parish ranks first with 1,611 games played, which is just 134 more than LeBron. James could also break this record by 2026, although he’d have to play about 68 games per season, which might be a bit of a push. He can still get there though.


3. Postseason assists

James pretty much holds every postseason record. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, as there are several that he doesn’t hold. But you get the point.

LeBron has the postseason record for games played, points scored, field goals made, free throws made, defensive rebounds, and steals. He’s too far behind in the rebounds column to catch up to Bill Russell, who is 1,600 boards ahead of the 39-year-old.

However, James has a good chance of passing Magic Johnson for the all-time postseason assists record, as he currently has 2,023 postseason assists, while Johnson ranks first with 2,346.

This is arguably the most difficult record to track, as it depends heavily on how far the Lakers go in the postseason (or whichever team James joins in the offseason). Assuming James at least reaches the second round (which might be a push this year), he’d break this record by the 2026 postseason.


4. Minutes played

LeBron currently ranks second all-time in minutes played, behind only Abdul-Jabbar, who has 57, 446 minutes. James has 56, 055 minutes and has never played fewer than 1500 minutes in a season, even when he missed 37 games in 2020-21.

LeBron will surely break this record by the end of the 2024-25 season.

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