“LeBron’ѕ kіds don’t hаve the ѕize, ѕpeed, or ѕkill”: Jаson Whіtlock hаs hot tаke for Bronny Jаmes аs he drаws bold сomparisons to LаVаr Bаll

In the world of the Currys, Pippens, Thompsons, Balls and Paytons, second-generation basketball players are plenty in the NBA right now. Looking into the near future, there is Bronny James, Kiyan Anthony, Alijah Arenas, Andre Iguodala Jr. and more joining in the next few years. The question of how great of a basketball father they have is always up for debate.


Recently, former football player and sports columnist Jason Whitlock took up the same question on his podcast, “Fearless”. This time, they pitted LaVar Ball against LeBron James. The guest, sports journalist Steve Kim, opined that in terms of coaching their kids into the NBA, LaVar Ball takes the crown.

Whitlock added:

“LaVar put pressure on kids who actually had the talent and the genes to respond to the pressure. LeBron put pressure, specifically on Bronny and Bryce in the future.. they just don’t have the genes, the athleticism size, skill or even the desire.”

Jason Whitlock further explained that since LaVar is married to Tina Slatinsky, a former basketball player herself, this meant that the Ball brothers naturally possessed a certain level of athleticism, thanks to their parents.


On the other hand, LeBron James married his high-school sweetheart who does not possess any prior athletic experience, and is rumored to be 5-foot-7 while LeBron James is 6-foot-9. This difference in height could prove disadvantageous to the James brothers, according to Whitlock.

Will Bronny James’ height affect his NBA prospects?

The short answer is, maybe. This is not to say that you need to be tall to play in the NBA. Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Ja Morant, Damian Lillard and many more are considered short for basketball. Yet, each of these superstars has had an immense impact on the game.

Bronny James stands at 6-foot-4, the same height as Anthony Edwards, Jamal Murray and Derrick White, to name a few. To be able to make his mark, Bronny must perfect his point guard skills.

“He’s an athletic but undersized combo guard with a high basketball IQ, good passing skills and a high motor. He’s an improving spot shooter who will make a more immediate impact as an on-ball defender against point guards.

“He needs to stay in school for another year and play point guard full time after Isiah Collier leaves,” an Eastern Conference executive said of Bronny James.

Many analysts and experts in the NBA believe that James Jr. has the skills he needs, but requires more time and practice at the collegiate level before transitioning to the big league. Even so, Bronny James may not be able to do everything that his father has achieved.

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