Lаkers Newѕ: LeBron Jаmes Now 9 Poіnts Awаy From Beсoming NBA’ѕ Fіrst 40K-Poіnt Sсorer

After another impressive showing from Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, he is just a few points after from reaching another legendary milestone. James scored 31 points against the Washington Wizards to help the team get the win, inching him closer to the 40,000-point mark across his 21 NBA regular seasons. He currently has 39,991.


No player has come close to this accomplishment, and James is now only nine points away. Barring anything major happening, James will break the 40K mark on Sunday against the Denver Nuggets.

What James has accomplished in his career is nothing short of incredible, and his longevity speaks to that. He has dominated the NBA for over 20 years and is still going strong in year 21 of his career.


He is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, adding more to his resume with each passing day. Hitting the 40K tally will be a special moment considering he will stand alone as the only player to do so.

It’s taken him this long to reach this point, with strong play each season. If anyone is to surpass him down the line, it would take another herculean effort of a career

Of course, the biggest thing on James’ mind is getting the team set up for the stretch run. While these individual accomplishments are awesome for him, he is all about winning titles.

James would love nothing more than to finish his career off with at least one more NBA title, and the Lakers have started to play a little better of late. LA has won two games in a row, and is 7-3 across its last ten contests. Once this milestone is met, likely on Sunday, the team can fully focus on getting themselves into a strong position for the playoffs.

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